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SmartGym Pro przycisk

Wireless button always within reach for your convenience

Simply press a button to release the working weight at any moment to avoid injury.

SmartGym Pro Replaceable handles

Replaceable handles

Replaceable handles let you exercise just as efficiently as if you were using traditional equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells or pulley cables. The advantage SmartGym Pro gives you is the ability to adjust the working weight mechanically using the knob alone.

SmartGym Pro Hip belt

Hip belt

SmartGym Pro also comes with a hip belt you can attach the cables to, giving you an option to train intensely without exerting axial compression along your spine.

SmartGym Pro Ankle straps

Ankle straps

Ankle straps let you do numerous additional routines involving the muscles of your lower body, e.g. kickbacks or adductor exercises.