Cookies policy

This Policy governs the use of the so-called cookie files (or “cookies”) by the website available at (“the website”), which is owned by Projekcja Sp. z.o.o.

What are the “cookie files”?

“Cookie files”, or “cookies”, are the IT data files (typically, text files) that are stored on users’ end devices (desktop or laptop computers, phones, tablets, etc.). Cookie files help to identify the user’s device and to adapt the specific website to the user’s personal preferences. Cookie files typically contain the name of the website they originated from, the period of their storing on the user’s device and a unique identifier.

What are cookie files used for?

Cookie files are used for to customise website content to the user’s preferences and to optimise it. They are also used to generate anonymous statistics.

Which types of cookie files are used?

We use two types of cookie files: “persistent cookies” and “session cookies”.

Session cookies are temporary files that remain stored on the user’s device only as long as the user continues to view the website or until they exit the software app used to browse it (“web browser”).

Persistent cookies, by contrast, remain stored on the user’s device until the time specified in the respective cookie file’s parameters expires, unless they are removed by the user manually before that happens.

The website uses third-party cookie files, which are set by the website's business partners in order to enable it to collect general and anonymous statistical data through the following analytical services: Google Analytics (cookies administrator: Google Inc registered in the United States).

Do cookie files contain personal data?

The website does not record any personal data in its cookie files.

Removing cookie files

Web browsers permit storing cookie files on users’ end devices by default. The software settings that control that behaviour can be customised in a way that makes the browser block cookie file handling or notify the user who is visiting the website each time a cookie file is set. For more details on how cookie file handling can be set up in your web browser, please refer to your browser's settings. Please also note cookie files can be deleted at any moment using the web browser's native features.

Setting up restrictions on how cookie files are to be handled by the web browser may impact the availability of some features of the website to the user.