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Select the mode that is perfect for your needs:


standard mode

If you have ever been to the gym at least once, you will find that mode familiar. In the standard mode, the resistance you feel when you pull or release the cables is constant, and so is the load. It resembles your experience at the gym, where you change the load by adding or removing weight plates on your traditional barbell. However, the SmartGym makes it much easier thanks to the digital weight technology.

standard mode

Who is it for?

That mode is mainly used to sculpt your body and increase muscle strength. It is perfect for the users who prefer the traditional approach to weight training, yet still see value in convenience and novelty.


rowing mode

The initial resistance is constant, but as you increase and the pulling speed increases, the device increases the resistance. At different levels, even if the pulling speed is the same, the resistance will be different. The resistance at the depositing stage is small and constant.

The feeling of the exerciser is similar to that known from the Ergo Rowing Machine, which is popular in gyms. The harder and faster the cable is pulled out, the greater the resistance will be. At the end of the pulling motion, the machine releases the resistance momentarily and resumes it when the cables return. This requires more control of the cables between pulling out and returning them to the station.

rowing mode

Who is it for?

This mode can be used for muscle endurance training, when you want to perform a large number of repetitions or work for time.

elastic mode

In the elastic mode, the resistance works similarly to resistance bands and is felt when the ropes are stretched. The longer the exercise, the greater the resistance.

The elastic mode replicates the action of resistance rubbers. The load increases in direct proportion to the length of the extended line. The further the line is extended, the faster (and with greater force) it will return to the station.

elastic mode

Who is it for?

Elastic mode allows you to implement specific strength training. It will work great as part of power training (rapid force generation).


eccentric mode

In the eccentric mode, the SmartGym generates more resistance while the cables are being released and retracted than while they are being pulled, which difficult to achieve using traditional gym equipment.

The same type of exercise on a conventional gym or at home would require the assistance of one or two helpers: while you are doing a flat bench press, the helper would need to hand over the barbell to you while your straightened hands are up. Next, you would bend your elbows to lower the bar slowly to your chest, and the helper would take it from you the moment it finally touches your chest. The process would then need to be repeated the required number of times. As you can see, you would normally be unable to exercise like that on your own.

eccentric mode

Who is it for?

The eccentric mode can be used for diversified athletic training, where avoidance of injuries is of particular importance, e.g. in physiotherapy exercises. Its benefits will be appreciated by anyone who wants to work out yet is afraid of injuries, as well as by users who are recovering from them.


isokinetic mode

In this mode, the SmartGym adapts the load to how fast you move. The faster your movements are, the larger is the working load imposed by the workout station. In other words, by changing the dynamics of your exercises, you can decide how much resistance to your movements the equipment will generate. Starting a series at a fast pace will let you benefit from a larger initial working weight, while later on, when you get tired, all you need to do is slow down and the resistance will be reduced, helping you avoid straining your muscles. In practice, this mode is impossible to re-create using conventional gym equipment.

isokinetic mode

Who is it for?

The isokinetic mode is mostly used to train dynamic strength, e.g. improve your jump. It will also be popular with athletes who look for new challenges and ways to make their traditional training routine more diversified.

Quality, safety and durability. In the course of the tests performed at the lab of the research and certification organisation IBIC, SmartGym Pro products were awarded S and H class certificates.

What does that mean in practice?

The H class certificate means that the product is intended for home use, and the S class certificate means it is suitable for use at training facilities, such as fitness clubs, training studios, hotels or physiotherapy centres.

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For home use

Exercise when and how you want to!

SmartGym for-home-use

The SmartGym lets you train all parts of your body safely without leaving your home. Do you want to train your ABS, chest, shoulders, back or legs? You can do it all using the single piece of equipment! No need to lose your time driving to your gym or fitness club, or to adapt your daily schedule to the fixed time of your workout, or to change your training plan to adapt it to the type of equipment available at your gym.

SmartGym is an innovative home gym that requires little space, both to perform your workout and to store the equipment. SmartGym Pro's non-slip casters allow you to safely move the equipment between rooms, so you can exercise where you like.

The SmartGym workout stations has a modern design and was built with attention to every detail.

Intuitive and easy to use, the SmartGym is extremely user-friendly both to beginners and to professional athletes and coaches. The five modes of operation – isokinetic, eccentric, standard, elastic and rowing mode – offer truly all-round sets of exercises for everyone, from beginners to pros.

SGPro, our professional mobile app, will let you easily create your own workout plan, optimised for your current level of fitness.

*Floor surface occupied by a folded SmartGym Pro, excluding the Bench.


For businesses

Your own compact yet powerful gym.

SmartGym For businesses

Setting up a gym at your company office is a perfect way to let your employees take care of their well-being and build a better team. However, it would normally require purchasing numerous of pieces of complex equipment as well as allocating a large part of your office space for that purpose. SmartGym equipment is compact and mobile, so it can easily be used in different rooms.

A fitness zone at your hotel or guesthouse is a great addition to your range of amenities. It will make your venue even more special, offering a great leisure activity to your guests. Last but not least, adding gym access to your hospitality services will boost the prestige and reputation of your hospitality establishment, making it stand out from competitors.

SmartGym is an innovative workout solution and a truly smart piece of equipment – and could be a perfect fit for your business, whether you are looking for a gym zone for your team or for your hotel guests. SmartGym replaces the 5 most essential pieces of gym equipment, enabling your staff and your guests to do a complete set of exercises using that single product alone.

Its latest technology, the intuitive operation and the availability of a free workout app make SmartGym surprisingly easy. Its compact size guarantees it to fit even into the smallest office, hotel or guesthouse. Unlike conventional workout stations, the SmartGym can be safely moved from room to room without much effort, thanks to its non-slip casters (in SmartGym Pro version).


For personal coaches

Single piece of equipment for all-around workout

SmartGym for-personal-coaches

The SmartGym is a multifunctional high-tech workout station that can be used for a complete full-body training even where the floor space available is extremely limited. The entire device weighs less than 40 kg (in Pro version) and its compact size and portability enable you to use it both at the gym as well as at your customer’s place.

It features a smart technology called the “digital weight”, which lets the user adjust the emulated working weight of to their needs in steps of 0.5 kg up to as much as 65 kg per side. The five modes of operation – isokinetic, eccentric, standard, elastic and rowing mode – are designed to help you develop the strength of the various types of your muscles by means of weight training and strength endurance workouts as well as exercises aimed at maximising the eccentric strength or your power performance.

The replaceable handles let you pick and mix unilateral (single-sided) and bilateral (double-sided) exercises in your routine, giving you practically unlimited exercise variation options.

With the device cables attached, the hip belt that comes with the SmartGym can be used to do virtually all types of lower body exercises that involve the use of weights. Notably, the SmartGym offers all that without the need for the user to lay down under the barbell or to hold any other physical weights which might make them feel uneasy.