SGPro mobile App

Your personal coach that is always at hand!

SGPro is a user-customisable mobile app which communicates with the equipment using a Bluetooth connection, giving you personalised advice and support while you follow your exercise routines. The pro-level app also enables you to create your own workout plans, optimised for your current level of fitness and strength.

Before you start take a look at the specially prepared Novice Zone. You will find there the basic functionalities of the SmartGym devices. Learn about the available modes and decide which one suits your fitness and endurance. The description of the included accessories will help you start your adventure with SmartGym.

Using an impressive database of prepared training courses, you will take care of the effectiveness of the exercises you perform. Each of them consists of an initial warm-up, proper training and calming.

Comprehensive training plans are tailored to all muscle parts. Each exercise includes a description and a short video showing the correct way to perform it. The training plans are divided into levels: beginner, advanced and professional.

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Want to create your own training plan?

You’ve come to the right place.

All you have to do is select your exercises and enter them into a created list in the app.

You can review your activity at any time. In the Workout History tab you have the possibility to verify each workout you have done. You can see:

  • the type of exercise performed,
  • the amount of load,
  • number of calories burned.

Choose a training goal for the week and track your progress.