SmartGym uses the latest technology!

SmartGym Pro silnik

"Digital Weight"

The "digital weight" technology used in the device is an innovative solution that uses advanced algorithms to generate loads without using "physical" weights. Sensors in the device read rope tension values 10,000 times per minute and transmit the data to a brushless motor, which generates a weight of the user's choice. With two motors, the exerciser has the option of grading the load in 0.5 kg increments, giving as many as 117 load levels to choose from.

Kevlar ropes

The ropes used in the SmartGym are made of Kevlar. This is a material that is used, among other things, in the manufacture of bulletproof vests or for the armor of military aircraft cockpits. Kevlar is more than 5 times lighter than steel, and provides almost 10 times the tensile strength at a comparable weight. Top-quality materials ensure the comfort and safety of the SmartGym.

SGPro App

Wi-fi and Bluetooth compatibility

SmartGym allows you to connect the device to a personalized mobile app via wi-fi or Bluetooth. By connecting SmartGym to the SGPro app, you can control the music coming from the built-in speakers, select the device's language or start a workout. The Bluetooth connection is also used to operate the SmartGym with a wireless button, allowing you to safely and conveniently start and stop exercising on your own at any time.

SmartGym Pro display


The device uses a high-quality display that shows information about the exercise being performed at the moment: the selected load, the mode and the number of repetitions performed. The mode change buttons and control panel knob located on the body of the device also allow you to perform a workout without connecting to a mobile app.